The mobile vendor starter package contains everything you will need to attend and sell products at craft fairs and events.


1x  6' folding table with a handle

1x  white elastic table cover

1x  500mg split case (10x peppermint 10x tropical)

1x  1000mg split case (10x peppermint 10x tropical)

1x  split case of 4oz creams (10x 500mg 10x 1000mg)

1x  case of 250mg travel creams (20 units)

1x  retractable attention-grabbing banner

1x  10'x10' canopy with reinforced joints

1x  brochure holder

50x  comprehensive CBD brochure

1x  personal website page for you to let customers reorder through.

1x CBD Solutions embroidered polo

Mobile Vendor Starter package

SKU: 126351351935
  • 20x  500mg tinctures - $800

    20x  1000mg tinctures - $1400

    10x  500mg cream - $400

    10x  1000mg cream - $700

    20x  250mg cream  $400


    total MSRP sales value - $3700

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